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Find Your Game in Technology at Sanctuary Golf Course
Golf Tips from One of the Premier Scottsdale, Arizona Golf Schools

Sanctuary Golf Course has established itself as one of the finest Scottsdale, Arizona golf schools because of its ability to instruct golfers of all abilities. As a golf professional, I see a lot of different golf swings and many different game types within golfers. The game of golf can be difficult and very confusing to try to "figure out" or find your swing. There are many components and variables that are involved in the golf swing itself that can be mind boggling and at times, frustrating. But there is one thing that you can be sure of; knowing that you are playing with the correct equipment.

Another aspect of Sanctuary's program that distinguishes itself from other Scottsdale, Arizona golf schools is its ground zero approach to make sure you are on the right track from the very beginning. Our program will help you choose golf equipment that is right for you. Choosing your equipment can be a selective process as far as the feel or the look of a golf club. However, with the abundance of popular golf clubs on the market right now it is not hard to find something that you really like. But the most important part is making sure that your golf clubs are custom fit for you and your golf swing.

I see many golfers who have great equipment in their bags, but it is not custom fit to their golf swings. They struggle on the golf course not necessarily because of a poor golf swing, but because their golf club does not fit their swing. This can be caused by the golfer not knowing the specifications of the clubs that he buys, or simply not knowing what he needs. At Sanctuary, one of the premier golf schools in Arizona, we will give you guidance and direction on how to obtain clubs that fit your swing. Alike the golf swing, club fitting has many variables; loft, lie angle, shaft frequency and length, etc. These are just a few variables within your clubs that can be tinkered with to get your desired ball flight. It is as simple as this. If you swing a certain way, you get a certain result. Fitting your clubs to meet your specific angle of attack at your golf ball is a simple as changing lie and loft on the golf club itself. This is done simply to attain your desired ball flight. For example, If you are a low-ball hitter in hopes of hitting it higher, your club fitter may either add loft by bending the club or lower the weight distribution in the shaft of the club.

The bottom line is that subtle changes can be made to your clubs to fit your swing, rather than changing your swing to fit your clubs. However, I would only suggest club fitting for intermediate or advanced players (handicap 20 or less). It clearly suits the player who has a grasp of the fundamentals, but is looking to tinker with ball flight and contact issues.

You can be fitted for golf clubs at many golf courses around the valley. If your home course does not offer club fitting, your local PGA professional will be able to put you in the hands of someone that can help you with your needs. Take advantage of local "demo days" and hit different golf clubs to see what you like. When you are ready to buy, visit a certified club fitter to assure you get the equipment that suits you.

The evolution of golf club technology and club fitting is comparable to the evolution of computer technology; it keeps getting better. Try to stay abreast with the latest on equipment. Learn about club fitting from your local pro and realize what lie a loft can do for your golf shots.

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